Filmmaker or moviegoer?

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Nuit D’Art is a filmmaking exercise, a resource for film noir lovers and a source of inspiration for modern filmakers engaged with the “neo noir” genre.

Does this sound like something that you may be interested in learning about further, perhaps even pursuing?

Nuit D’Art is all but bursting with tutorials, reviews, examples of noir stories and how to adapt them for filming.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this conversation will be one-sided! We welcome thoughts, comments, feedback, and with great anticipation look forward to hearing about your own experiences regarding anything to do with this beloved cinema genre, from writing to shooting and everything in between.

This blog is a work of passion, as anything involved with art should be. This is a place for filmmakers, made by filmmakers that share the same passion for this darkly elegant cinematic genre.

Feel free to swing by. Pull up a chair and stay for a while. We welcome your companionship, your readership, your input.